Cats and dogs are different species and have different nutritional needs. Improper feeding can cause health problems.

Nutritional needs of cats and dogs are very different, there are reasons. You can begin by mentioning that the normal physiology of a cat requires several high acidity feed. So she needs food rich in protein. In addition, cats need more amino acid called taurine, compared to dogs. Lack of taurine concentration leads to the development of cardiomyopathy - a deadly heart disease. The cat, which systematically fed dog food, it may be a serious shortage of the substance.
Imagine, one of my cats got sick. I am very upset, the vet said it was bad. Take a long time for treatment. Oh yes it is good though that treatment is not all that expensive, it's lucky I was.
But I do not despair, and "Percy" the same. We believe in a speedy recovery.
Walking on the internet, just looking for information on my cat disease (diabetes - I had no idea that cats is diabetes), and so came across an interesting article about diabetes in cats.
All pleasant reading and not get sick. Success. Dry your

Unusual ceramic troughs in design Raindrop - a great fountain for cats and small dogs. Size: L 29 x W 23 x H 11 cm

Thanks to the ever-flowing fountain of water troughs Raindrop Drinking Fountain by Pioneer Pet U.S. encourages your pets to drink more. Water constantly, quietly circulates within the pump and is enriched with oxygen.
This unusual drinker of quality ceramic - a real decoration for your apartment, besides it is easy to keep clean.

Ceramic cat water fountain in the review:

     always fresh, filtered, drinking water
     infinitely variable pump with slider
     very quiet, suitable for long-term use
     charcoal filter for clean and healthy drinking water
     can be washed in the dishwasher
     Size: approx. An 29 x W 23 x H 11 cm
     Capacity: approx. 1.7 liters
     Cable length: approx. 1.8 m
     cable with the usual plug for quick and easy cleaning

Water bottle is very easy to assemble. Detailed instructions for the collection is part of the product.

As for the people, for pets, water is a vital element. The body cats and dogs up to 70% water. Continuous consumption of water quality has a positive effect on the health and well-being of dogs and cats. Automatic drinking bowl-fountain meets the needs of the pet in a constant thirst quencher. By continuously circulating water with high oxygen content, it is always clean, fresh and cool, which is useful for your pet.
Running water, unlike water in the bowl, a cool and fresh, has a pleasant smell. The water is more attractive to the animal. When driving on the surface of the fountain water is enriched with oxygen, which makes it tasty and good for cats and dogs.
Automatic drinking bowl includes a removable cleaning filter, which filters the food pieces, small debris and sediment, hair and neutralizes unpleasant tastes, odors and absorb various impurities from tap water.
Multi-surface drinking from automatic watering allows the animal itself decide to drink from a bowl of the machine or to lick the water drained directly from the dome drinkers. This drinker is ideal for cats, puppies and small breeds. Types of cat drinking fountains are very diverse.
Manufacturer of automatic waterers: HAGEN, Germany.
Optional accessories (sold separately):
Automatic drinking fountain for cats - accessories for pets

Automatic drinking bowl for cats - this handy device consisting of bottles and bowls of special design, which gives your pet fresh water as emptying the bowl. The benefits of such drinkers over the normal bowl:

     at a relatively small size automatic drinkers for cats accommodates more water than a small bowl
     while drinking a bowl filled with fresh water from a bottle, so your pet is always clean, fresh water
     Many pet owners say their pets better than drinking from these drinkers than normal bowls
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Automatic drinking fountain for cats , small dogs, ferrets

Dimensions: bottle size - 500 ml, the volume of the bowl - 250 ml

Instructions: Place the bottle to clean drinking water, holding the neck up, cover a bowl with Parties threads and screw the bottle tightly. Gently invert the water bowl. Some of the water will fill the bowl.


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